Style with Substance

Consumers will increase their sustainable apparel purchases, but only if they can find eco options and only if they are as “fun” and “fashionable” as they are green.

Findings from the Winter 2012 Ryan Partnership® Chicago/Mambo Sprouts® Marketing Styling Sustainability consumer apparel survey reinforce a key conclusion forwarded in the 2011 white paper One Green Score for One Earth. Consumers want a clear and objective means of understanding the sustainability impact of their purchases (including apparel), and will vote with their wallets for those brands that are capable of credibly communicating on this topic.

Styling Sustainability explores consumer demand for eco-clothing, footwear and accessories, as well as the associated market opportunity. Apparel categories with the greatest growth potential; the best way to motivate shoppers to purchase eco/sustainable fashion; and the roles manufacturers and retailers will need to play in order to deliver upon shopper intentions and grow the market, are all explored within this report.

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